Nelly Fairy: Castle


Nelly Fairy wants to build a castle. Unfortunately, all the bricks are lost! Nelly has to search them and puzzle the castle together cleverly. The parts are hidden in lovingly designed sceneries populated by friendly animals.


Nelly Fairy Castle is a game suitable for children aged 3 to 8 years. Interesting tasks, lively sceneries and likeable animals make Nelly Fairy Castle an expedition for kids which also is fun for the parents. This interactive picture book with its unique combination of search and puzzle game creates long-lasting fun, as the parts are hidden at different places each time the game is started and can be rediscovered again and again.


  • full of variety: meadow, forest, mountains and desert
  • interactive: animals and plants react to touch
  • designed with love: beautiful animations, detailed drawings
  • worth listening: cheerful bright music, friendly animal sounds
  • not frustrating: three levels of difficulty suited for children
  • replay value: with each start the castle parts are hidden in different locations
  • memorable: it is possible to take snapshots of the castles built and decorated
  • identification: Nelly Fairy as a companion


Note: It is possible to make an IAP (In-App Purchase) to buy the additional sceneries jungle, sea and cave. If you do not want that, you can turn off IAP in the settings of your device.


About the developer: Korion is specialized on games and simulations. The company is a spin-off from Fraunhofer society, a large research association.


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