Nelly Fairy: Farm


Little Nelly Fairy is different from other fairies: she does not cast spells but simply lends a hand. Once again the farmer is driving his tractor, so Nelly feeds the animals: the horse, the cow, the dog, the pig and the hen. Nelly needs help to drag the right kind of food to the right animal. Fed animals fall asleep – and if all animals sleep it is timer to go to bed… The cat, the owl, the mouse, the mole and the sparrow are also there but they are fed already.

The game “Nelly Fairy: Farm” was developed for children aged 1 to 5 in cooperation with the Stuttgart Media University. It trains children’s fine motor skills (using drag gestures) and cognitive abilities (which animal needs which kind of food). Even for the youngest it is a fun yet calm experience with beautiful music, children’s voices and gentle animations. Most important: “Nelly Fairy on the Farm” is both appropriate for children and fun.


  • 5 hungry animals
  • 5 fed animals
  • 1 tractor enthusiastic farmer
  • 1 cheerful fairy who helps (by pointing to the right type of food)
  • colorful graphics
  • gentle animations
  • relaxing music
  • children’s voices
  • sleep function at the end

Nelly Fairy: Farm is available for smartphones und tablets in the AppStore and at GooglePlay:


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