Nelly Fairy: Minigames



The games collection Nelly Fairy Minigames continues the fun with the little fairy. Three entertaining games allow children to play puzzle, memory and paint together with Nelly. This is not only fun – the games also improve creativity, memory and motoric abilities. Of course Nelly Fairy also joins the fun and accompanies the player through all three games in her friendly and practical way.


The puzzle game supplies 18 colorful images picturing friendly animals in their natural surroundings. Each puzzle can consist of 9, 16 or 25 pieces. These pieces can be put together by simple drag gestures – even the youngest children will master this…


The memory game’s difficulty can also be adjusted: either 6 or 10 matching animal pairs have to be found. If they are revealed correctly, the reward comes in form of an animation. Memory contains 20 different animals altogether – thus diversion is guaranteed.


21 pictures of animals, fairy-castles and little Nelly invite little artists to color them. Just select one of the 17 available colors and start coloring the picture with a finger. And if something goes amiss the eraser helps. Each picture can be saved in a snapshot – this way the masterpiece can later be exhibited in the gallery.


  • 3 games in one collection
  • Colorful memory with 20 friendly animals and nice animations
  • 18 puzzles with cheerful pictures and adjustable difficulty
  • 21 motives for painting that spark creativity
  • Memorable: snapshots of the paintings preserve them in the gallery
  • Nelly Fairy as lively companion



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